Are the trucks covered by a warranty?
Yes. All our pallet trucks carry a full 1 year return to base warranty.

Does the truck have an overload valve?

Do you do a next day delivery?
Yes. trucks are sent on our usual 2 - 3 day delivery, but orders placed early can be sent on a  premium (non-guaranteed) next day service.

Which size pallet truck do I need?
There are two standard sizes in the UK. Then a third option.

  • Firstly is the "standard" that fits pallets sized 1000 x 1200 (40" x 48") or commonly known as the blue Chep pallet (yes, they are blue!). The trucks overall width from the outside of one fork to the outside of the other is 680mm (27") approx. The standard length is 1000mm (40"), a longer 1220mm (48") is also available.
  • Secondly the Euro size. This fits standard Euro sized pallets (800mm x 1200mm) the trucks overall width from the outside of one fork to the outside of the other is 540mm approx. The standard length is 1000mm (40"), a longer 1220mm (48") is also available.
  • A third width is commonly called the "Printers Truck" it is mainly used in the printing industry and the trucks overall width from the outside of one fork to the outside of the other is 450mm (17") approx. The standard length is 1000mm (40"), a longer 1220mm (48") and a shorter 900 ((35") are also available.

Q. Our pallets come in from mainland Europe and are 1200mm long x 800mm wide with
entry on the narrow side only. Is this a problem?

A. These are Euro pallets and are best handled with 1150mm long x 550mm over the forks
but if you handle other pallets as well, you may find 1000mm long forks more useful. Our Part No PT-REG-04 or

Q. We’re a haulage company so we handle a lot of different pallets. What size forks do you

A.1150mm long x 550mm over will handle the majority of pallets. Our Part No PT-REG-04

Q. We use blue pallets 1200mm x 1000mm with entry from all sides. I understand these are
known as GKN pallets. What truck should I use?

A. The ideal specification is 1220mm x 685mm to give maximum stability but if you handle
other sizes as well, try 550mm over the forks. Our Part No PT-REG-05

Q. I can’t get my pallet truck under the pallet because the space underneath is too low. Is
there such a thing as a low profile truck?

A. Yes, standard trucks have a closed height of between 85mm and 90mm but 51mm & 35mm lowered height pallet trucks are available.  Our Part No PT-LOW-01 & PT-LOW-02

In the event of a problem can you fix the truck for us?
Yes. Help can be given either over the phone, by returning the truck to us.

Do you do a range of different sizes?
Yes. Several different widths, and various different lengths are available!

Can I choose different wheels?
Some trucks are available in Nylon or Polyurethane.

What different capacities do you do?
2500kgs and 3000kgs capacities are the common type normally available in stock.

Are the trucks powder coated?

Yes. All our pallet trucks have a powder coated paint finish

Do you do trucks with brakes?
Yes. Please ask for price and delivery.

Is the pump unit reliable?
The quality of our pump unit is fitted to all our hand pallet trucks is first class. It is totally sealed against air moisture and dirt. We have sold thousands throughout the UK.

Are spare parts readily available?
Yes. All spare parts for our trucks are held in stock. Orders are same-day despatched by mail or courier.

Do you do hand pallet trucks for the Food Industry?
Yes. Our trucks are available with a Galvanised chassis, or a full Stainless Steel version with stainless steel pump unit and chassis.

Pallet Types ~ In practice, the two most commonly used pallet types are Two-Way Entry and Four-Way Entry, of which there are numerous design variations. The most common pallet sizes used in the UK are 1200 x 800mm and 1200 x 1000mm.

Two-way pallets only permit the entry of forks from two sides, whereas four-way pallets permit the entry of forks from all four sides. Both types of Pallets are usually non-reversible, i.e. they can only be used with the boarded side uppermost.
Euro Pallet is the standard 1200 x 800mm exchange pallet extensively used throughout Europe, constructed to a standard specification, including tolerances, materials and markings.


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