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22 November 2021

Pallet Truck Shop are encouraging businesses to invest wisely and prepare for growth ahead of 2014, as it was revealed in George Osborne’s annual Autumn Statement that economic growth is predicted, but it will take further austerity to really make the most of it. Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, has also advised that businesses must start investing again in order to see real progress when it comes to the economy; something Pallet Truck Shop actively encourages among the industries it serves as a pallet truck provider.

Pallet Truck Shop is an expert supplier of manual handling solutions like hand pallet trucks and manual stacking equipment to a huge number of industries, all of which have been affected in some way by the recession and the subsequent cuts. With the UK economy now on the rise, the onus is on these businesses to invest wisely and prepare themselves for Britain to be back in the black, which some say could happen as early as 2018.

Phil Chesworth, Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says, “The Autumn Statement this week highlighted a need for businesses to be careful and shrewd with their investments, be it in training for staff members or new equipment for the workplace. The recession may be well and truly in the past but austerity measures continue to cause businesses to think twice about where they spend their money. Careful investment in high-quality products, training and equipment for their workplace is the only way to ensure a business’ continued success and the country enters a period of growth for the first time in years.”

Pallet Truck Shop serves many industries including manufacturing, engineering, logistics, medical, pharmaceutical and warehousing; all of them will need to arrange their business budgets carefully in the next few years as 2014 approaches with a sense of optimism for the first time. Having high-quality equipment as well as an efficient workforce is important to being able to deal with the growth that soon benefit all businesses. Whether investing in a hand pallet truck with great capacity and a robust construction, or choosing a manual stacker which will streamline work processes and allow productivity to rise, it is important that businesses across research their purchases carefully and ensure they are making the right investment in the right area of their business.

As growth starts to kick in, businesses may also be looking to use the momentum to expand and grow in their own spheres; investing in brand new equipment will allow for higher volumes of work to be carried out and will result in not only a contribution to the nationwide economic lift, but also better economic fortunes for those immediately linked with the business.