Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
22 November 2021

A leading provider of pallet trucks for industrial purposes and businesses across the UK is calling on all of those who utilise the trucks in their workplace to give them a thorough maintenance check before they embark on the demanding Christmas season. The experts at Pallet Truck Shop have expressed concern that businesses going into the busy festive period might encounter sudden faults or maintenance issues with their trucks, and be left high and dry when it comes to fulfilling orders and meeting demand.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says, “Christmas is obviously the busiest time of the year for a great number of businesses, and it is crucial that they are as prepared as they possibly can be for the sudden influx of orders and custom. This involves a more rigorous style of safety and maintenance check; the equipment will be really put through its paces in the coming months, and ensuring that it is in great working order and up to the challenge will be a vital element of succeeding and enjoying a profitable Christmas.”

If any faults or maintenance issues are found during these in-depth checks, Pallet Truck Shop has a huge variety of high-quality replacement trucks that can be delivered quickly and efficiently to a workplace ready for use. From versatile hand pallet trucks which are incredibly strong and durable, to manual stackers which help with retrieving and storing goods on high shelving units, the country’s foremost provider of manual handling equipment has a solution for any Christmas disaster which may take place.

The delivery service from Pallet Truck Shop’s warehouse, situated in a prime location in the West Midlands for easy access to the whole country, is highly efficient and flexible; the team understand that the festive season places a lot of pressure on businesses, and will endeavour to schedule a delivery time that will be beneficial to the client. Standard delivery is just four working days, so orders placed on a Monday will result in a delivery by the end of the week. In emergency cases, such as near Christmas, there is a Next Day Delivery service for orders placed before 12pm, as well as timed deliveries on request for the businesses attempting to work around incredibly busy times.

Having the right equipment on hand, and ensuring it is in prime condition and able to deal with the rigors of the festive period is vital to a business’ success in that quarter. Being able to boast a well-maintained and high-quality fleet of pallet trucks ready to shift huge volumes of goods quickly and easily is conducive to productivity and client satisfaction over the Christmas season, which is notoriously busy and often fraught with disaster. Avoiding disaster by creating an unbeatable team of pallet trucks able to withstand any amount of work can help a business to really come into its own this December.