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22 November 2021

A well-oiled, fully functional fleet of lift tables is essential to the operations of many businesses, from distribution centres to manufacturing plants. Versatile, low-maintenance and portable, the table trucks can help boost productivity in the workplace and make life a lot easier for employees, who may spend much of their day lifting heavy loads. Pallet Truck Shop is one of the UK’s leading providers of these heavy-duty table trucks – and the advice from the experts is to invest in a sturdy, reliable lift table to see improvement across the board.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says, “At Pallet Truck Shop, lift tables are some of our most popular products. They’re very functional and great for use in a multitude of applications. Better still, they won’t break the bank, nor will they cost hundreds of pounds in maintenance and repairs. We’d like to encourage more businesses to invest in their fleet of lift tables and reap the rewards. Our collection of trucks is incredibly diverse, with options including electric trucks, double scissor lift trucks and the staple 150kg table trucks that form the basis of operations in many working environments.”

The PT-TAB-00 Table Truck is the most cost-effective trucks that Pallet Truck Shop has to offer, priced at just £204.75 plus VAT. With a maximum capacity of 150kg and a maximum height of 720mm, it’s an entry-level lift table that’s ideal for a multitude of different purposes. The table dimensions of this truck are 700mm x 450mm x 36mm, making it spacious and sturdy enough to carry various different loads and act as a supporting table for conveyor belts or other production lines. Businesses searching for their first ever table truck can’t go wrong with this flexible, versatile and budget-friendly model.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the PT-TAB-10 TAD80 Double Scissor Lift Table. Far more advanced, with more features and higher specifications, this table truck is for businesses that want to bolster their existing fleet. The truck has a capacity of 800kg, and a maximum lifting height of 1400mm – twice the height of the more basic model. The double scissor lift is incredibly hardwearing and durable, and is most commonly used in assembly lines and for moving servers – though creative business owners have managed to find many of their own unique uses for these tables! Available for £ 628.95 plus VAT, the truck is a must-have for factories and other production environments.