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22 November 2021

The Prime Minister this week called for the country to enter into an era of permanent austerity, sending shockwaves across many businesses in the UK and going back on his original plans to resume spending once the deficit had been eliminated. The calls to form a ‘leaner, more efficient’ state in the long-term will mean that many businesses will once again have to tighten their budgets and opt for low-cost, expense-efficient options when they invest in new equipment and apparatus for their workplace.

Pallet Truck Shop, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pallet trucks and manual handling equipment to businesses across the country, are urging businesses to consider budget ranges in order to stay the right side of solvent if the Prime Minister’s plans come to fruition. Phil Chesworth, Managing Director, says, “At Pallet Truck Shop, we offer a huge range of budget-friendly options for people searching for a manual handling solution that won’t break the bank. With the news that austerity could well become a permanent measure, businesses will need to make an extra effort to invest in high-quality materials and equipment that won’t see them sliding into the red when they do not make enough return on that investment.”

Of the budget options that Pallet Truck Shop have on offer, none is more versatile and cost-effective than the Eoslift DBA25 Hand Pallet Truck. The sturdy, hardwearing truck is suitable for Euro pallets, which are the most commonly used type, and is supplied with double PU (polyurethane) wheels as standard. All major points on the truck are equipped with self-lubricating bearings that require no oil, or injection nozzles to ensure that the exterior of the truck remains in top condition for as long as possible. The fork and frames are welded by robots for precision and accuracy, and with a capacity of 2500kg, the truck is one of the most useful and practical pieces of equipment to have around in the workplace. It will set a business back just £149.95 and will become a valuable asset in a workforce restrained by austerity.

The most cost-effective of the manual stackers that Pallet Truck Shop have in stock is the MS-02 Manual Stacker Truck, which has a lifting height of up to 1.6 metres and a capacity of 1000kg. Hardwearing and built for regular, heavy-duty usage, the stacker truck is a staple in many workplaces; its robustness and durability means it will last for many years, which is crucial when considering an investment when you are supposed to be cutting back. The truck costs just £ 645.00 excluding VAT, and can be delivered within a matter of days to kick-start any business’ austerity drive.