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22 November 2021

Forklift trucks have become one of the most common pieces of equipment in warehouses the world over. They are used by millions of people in a whole range of settings and have helped companies change the way they operate day to day. However despite their usefulness, sometimes there are occasions when they just don’t fit the bill – without a little help.

Forklift truck extensions are the ideal addition to forklift trucks for businesses who find that forklifts aren’t quite long enough to reach certain loads. Quick and easy to fit, the ‘sleeves’ are designed to extend the normal length of forklift trucks while mainlining the same strength and stability of the actual forks.

Pallet Truck Shop, one of the UK’s leading providers of pallet trucks and sack trucks, as well as a whole host of other warehouse equipment, is urging businesses to consider investing in simple equipment such as these to help boost productivity and get more out their existing equipment.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Pallet Truck Shop, said, “Forklift trucks have become a staple in warehouses and large stock rooms over the last few decades thanks to their extremely useful nature. But there are ways you can make them more useful in more situations. Forklift fork extensions for example are an effective way of doing so while also keeping costs low.”

Fork extensions are a fraction of the price of purchasing new equipment. They can extend up to 96 inches so make getting that hard to reach item simple and easy. Made out of supportive metal, they are able to move heavy materials with ease.

“Investing in little pieces of equipment such as these can really make a difference in this competitive business world,” added Phil.

Pallet Truck Shop stocks a series of forklift truck extensions, all available to purchase online from just £145.95 +VAT. The website is also a hub of other warehouses equipment ideal for a host of situations and environments to make sure that businesses of all sizes are able to meet increasing demand and grow their business.