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22 November 2021

When the focus is on increased workloads, safety can often take a backseat, especially around Christmas. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive have found that during 2010/11, the manufacturing industry saw a total of 17,599 non-fatal injuries and an estimated 27,000 self-reported injuries occur. 15% of all workplace injuries came from this sector, and with the busiest time of the year just around the corner, the most dangerous time is almost upon us. Workloads in the manufacturing industry can double or triple over the Christmas season, as businesses strive to take advantage of increased orders and clients willing to pay more for festive surplus. Businesses can take extra precautions against accidents in the workplace this Christmas by investing in a fleet of pallet trucks which have high-quality safety features.

The PT-REG-10 Pallet Truck With Parking Brake is an ideal example of a truck which makes safety of paramount importance. The top quality hydraulic pump has a triple position lever which offers fingertip control for the operator, and has a slow lowering hand control to prevent unexpected movement. Entry rollers at the tips of both forks allow for easy loading of pallets and the tandem rollers reduce ground contact loading by around 50%, making it easier for operators to move heavy loads on the truck. The handbrake is another feature which allows for the highest safety precautions, and can slow the progress of a fully loaded truck with ease, should the need arise. Aside from the safety features of the truck, it can easily lift both closed and open bottom euro pallets, and has a lifting capacity of up to 2500kg, proving that a safe truck does not necessarily have to compromise on capacity or convenience.

Some workplaces have to work on or around rough terrain, and this can cause issues for the safety of the workforce. Where floors are not always completely level, there is an element of unpredictability which can cause accidents or injuries. The PT-RT-01 Rough Terrain Pallet Truck can reduce the risk of injury because of its ability to travel over ground that an ordinary pallet truck might struggle to traverse. The unique structure of this truck offers stability for goods and an extra facet of security for the operator, whilst still having the capacity to lift 1200kg.

Many injuries in the manufacturing industry come from employees lifting goods that can cause back injuries and strains. These types of injuries can be completely avoided with the purchase of a basic Mini Mechanical Lifter Hand Pallet Truck, which has a capacity of 300kg and can be used to transport smaller goods simply and easily without mobilising a larger pallet truck. These trucks are small and easy to store, and they can ease the strain on the backs of many employees by offering them a piece of equipment that will remove the need for heavy lifting.