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22 November 2021

As businesses across the UK strive to increase their service levels and output for 2015, Pallet Truck Shop is encouraging those in warehousing and manufacturing to make light work of their manual handling, by adding a robust and reliable manual stacker truck to their fleet.

Hydraulic stackers make moving, lifting, loading and unloading simpler and faster – so businesses that constantly need to move large loads can boost productivity significantly. Pallet Truck Shop’s range of stackers function as an economical alternative to forklift trucks and, because of their more compact construction, they’re ideal for use in areas where space comes at a premium. Narrow aisles and busy loading bays are made more productive with the addition of a manual stacker.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says, “Manual stackers are a must for many working environments – whether it’s a warehouse packed with shelves and aisles, or a manufacturing plant where organisation is key. The stackers we offer here at Pallet Truck Shop are ideal for use in many different workspaces. They’re small and lightweight, as well as being robust and durable – everything a business owner or manager would look for in a manual handling solution.”

The MS-02 Manual Stacker Truck is one of the most popular in the range, with a capacity of 1000kg and a maximum fork height of 1600mm. Compatible for use with open-bottom pallets, the truck is hardwearing and robust, while still weighing in at just 223kg. Available in stock right now for delivery all over the country, the truck is priced at £732.90 plus VAT, and would be a worthwhile addition to any fleet of trucks and manual handling apparatus.

If it’s lightweight you’re looking for, it’s lightweight you’ll get with the STD80 Portable Lightweight Hand Stacker Truck. Weighing just 20kg when unloaded, it’s small enough to be lifted by hand and stored in everything from car boots to truck beds. The load is raised and lowered by a wince rotational movement at the back of the unit, lessening the strain in operators, and with an 80kg capacity, it’s easy to see why this truck has shot to the top of wish lists for warehouse owners and factory managers across the country. At just £229.95 plus VAT, the truck represents excellent value for money, and is a great investment for smaller businesses looking to boost productivity without splashing too much cash.