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22 November 2021

Load moving skates help a person shift tons of material from one place to another with minimal effort. is the best online store in United Kingdom for purchasing load moving skates. At the moment there are four skates available, and each one of them has distinct features. The MOV-01 moving skate is equipped with 2 wheels and it has a load capacity of 2.5 tons. This small skate can be bought for just 40 pounds. The MOV-02 has got six wheels, and it has a capacity of 6 tons. The six wheels divide weight equally and helps move large objects from one place to another with ease.

Larger objects can be moved around easily with the MOV-03. This giant moving skate has got eight wheels and has a load capacity of 12 tons. The price of this skate is just a hundred and twenty pounds, and it can easily be used to move massive objects. MOV-04 moving skate has been equipped with four wheels and a long handle, which makes it the best choice for workshops and stores. The handle helps to steer objects, quite like a trolley. The price of this moving skate is sixty five pounds. All the moving skates are delivered for just ten pounds, but the larger model i.e. the MOV-03 is delivered for 21 pounds due to its larger size and weight. Payment can easily be made on the website’s secured payment system using credit cards. All the products come with 12-month warranty, which can be claimed with ease.