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22 November 2021

Getting equipment to go from Point A to Point B is safe and easy with machine moving skates. These sturdy rollers are designed to accommodate thousands of kilos’ worth of equipment. If you need to move machinery quickly, safely and accurately, trust that moving skates will get the job done.

Why choose moving skates over other conventional movers? A common problem with other moving equipment is that their wheel components are too small, too narrow or too few. The pressure that the weight of the machinery being moved becomes concentrated on each of those tiny wheels, possibly causing any relatively soft area it rolls on to puncture, or for the wheels to dig into the floors. Too much concentrated pressure on any single point will tend to cause dragging, shown when an overloaded roller loses its free-wheeling capability. This results in scratches or skid marks on floors. The moving operation will become difficult to carry out as well.

Moving skates have wide cylindrical wheels coated with anti-friction material to keep it rolling smoothly even with heavy equipment loaded. The heavier the load capacity, the more wheels there should be on the skates to keep pressure from being exerted too much on any contact between the wheels and the floor. A flat rubberised surface on top of the skates allows machinery to sit on it safely without fear of it sliding off. Shackles are also provided so the skates can be secured firmly to the load using a length of chain or rope.

Our moving skates can have from two to eight load wheels, and carry loads of anywhere from 2 ½ to 12 tons. Made from high-quality materials, these skates feature heavy-duty wheels designed to spread the load and thus prevent your floor surfaces from being damaged. Save time and expense from costly repairs to your floors with these extremely durable and efficient machine moving skates.