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22 November 2021

As part of a nationwide scheme to expand on training relating to health and safety in quarries, workers who operate fork lift trucks or other machinery are being encouraged to brush up on their training and be alert to the dangers of visibility issues. Basic health and safety training is compulsory by law for many workers, but inside knowledge and extensive education about the risks of certain tasks is paramount to any workplace. Regularly providing training to employees helps to keep staff safe, allows them to carry out their work more efficiently and it helps to reduce insurance premiums by a substantial amount.

Many workers in warehouses, factories and construction are exposed to situations where they must operate trucks or machinery on a day to day basis. Items such as pallet trucks and fork lifts are are often equipped with state-of-the-art technology, to measure cargo weight, lift heavy objects and even notify of obstacles or obstructions. Very often, it is impossible to have a completely clear view of the full 360 degrees, especially when working in the potentially adverse conditions that come with quarrying, mining or outdoor work. High-profile accidents have occurred in the past as a result of poor visibility on a building site or in a quarry making a nominated safety week or safety day designed to equip all operatives with up-to-date training and reminders of basic procedures are vital.

The focus of these events can encompass all materials handling equipment, from safe use of high lift pallet trucks to how to fit forklift extensions. Experts recommend that employees be reminded of issued such as behavioural safety, good practice within a workshop and safe working at height, which is useful for those who use lift tables or aerial work platforms within their place of work. Blind spots are notoriously difficult to navigate and when operating heavy and potentially dangerous machinery or equipment or carrying pallet loads, there is always the risk of injury to the operator or another employee if the correct training and knowledge is not acquired.

Working with fork lift trucks, aerial lift platforms and high-lift pallet trucks is an integral part of many industries where manual labour and the transportation of heavy goods is required. These safety events can help to lower the risk on all fronts for anyone who works with or around these machines, and can help not only to reduce the number of accidents, but increase the productivity of all workers.