Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
22 November 2021

This week sees Pallet Truck Shop, one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of pallet trucks and lifting aids, launch their new lightweight pallet truck, the i-ton 1000. The new addition to the extensive pallet truck range will be the lightest on the market, a whole 12kg lower than the previous lightest truck, weighing in at just 38kg. Described as being light, silent, innovative and easily manoeuvrable, the i-ton 1000 is set to become a best-seller, and will be used for a huge variety of tasks, from the menial to the specialist.

Despite its miraculously lightweight construction, the i-ton 1000 hand pallet truck can lift, as the name might suggest, up to 1000kg of cargo. This is because the forks and the lifting mechanism are built from a techno-polymer compound, which is as highly rigid and robust as steel, without the weight that the heavy metal adds. It is the first manual pallet truck to be made up solely of polyamide materials, and boasts many benefits as a result of this.

The truck will not deform permanently, as it is completely rigid and immovable. Similar to galvanized stainless steel pallet trucks also available from Pallet Truck Shop, this truck can be used in places where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures and conditions, such as fridges, freezers, ovens, or places where it may come into contact with chemicals or liquids. It completely preserves its characteristics when exposed to outside corrosive agents; this means that the truck is ideal for use within certain workplaces, including pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, markets, health care fields and food supply industries. There will be no rust, no corrosion and no contamination when this truck is used, and it is suitable for hygienic sterilisation whenever necessary.

The actual pump within the pump truck is top-quality and can raise an ordinary pallet to full height within just three strokes. Both right and left-handed operators are catered for, with the central operating lever ensuring that the truck is easy to operate and manoeuvre for all who must use it. Euro pallets are compatible with the fork size (520mm x 1150mm) and single nylon rollers allow for easy loading of pallets onto the forks. The truck was designed with ergonomic values in mind, but also carries environmentally-friendly credentials; the construction process of the truck releases less CO2 into the atmosphere than a standard pallet truck, and at the end of its life cycle, the pieces can be dismantled and recycled easily.