Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
16 November 2021

Known for offering great value all year round, Pallet Truck Shop, one of the leading suppliers of pallet trucks and essential accessories, has added weight to its special offers section by adding two vital pieces of equipment – in the form of weigh beam scales and a u-scale.

Robust and accurate, the two handy pieces of apparatus are designed to make life ultimately easier for businesses. The WB521-5000 5000kg Weigh Beams Scales, which come with a 5000kg capacity and measure 1200mm in length, aid when it comes to weighing large or oddly shaped items. Extremely portable and enormously versatile, they can be positioned to suit the application. When not in use however they store away easily, taking up little room, making them an excellent choice for small businesses.

Providing high accuracy, the premium Salter Brecknell quality weigh scales available on Pallet Truck Shop’s site boast four metres of cable that connect to one beam and allow both small and large span items to be weighed. On sale at £635.00, they offer excellent value for money and are certain to be a pivotal part of businesses for the foreseeable future.

The second piece of weighing equipment that’s on special offer on the site is the Pallet U-Scale 2000kg. With a large capacity and boasting a long measuring length of 1290mm, these u-scales are designed to be used in tough environments. Made of robust materials, the rechargeable scales offer incredibly accurate measurements every time.

Simply sliding onto pallets, they make the process of moving and weighing objects at the same time a breeze. Cutting down on time wasted, they streamline processes from start to finish. Currently on special offer at £669.80, this strong scale will save time and money for years to come.

Speaking about the equipment and the offers, Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, said, “We always pass on the best value to our customers, but sometimes we like to go the extra mile and provide special offers so they can save even more. We carefully choose which products go into our special offers section so we can continually meet the needs of our customers – and these two above are a prime example of that.”

Trading for over 30 years, Pallet Truck Shop works with some of the largest companies in the world to offer solutions to suit their needs, as well as small start-ups who need help getting off the ground.