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22 November 2021

Pallet Truck Shop is urging businesses and organisations to stock up on material handling equipment and high-quality pallet trucks ahead of the Christmas rushes this year, as it is revealed consumers will spend more than ever over 2013’s festive period.

British retailers across the country are on track to enjoy some of their best growth since the financial crisis over this year’s festive season, according to a report released by Verdict this. Consumers are expected to spend around £2bn more than they did in 2012 in the 2013 festive rush, which would make this year the greatest rise in spending since 2007. A baby boom during the recession meaning many houses have more children to buy for, and improving consumer confidence are two of the contributing factors to the expected growth, and Midland Pallet Trucks are urging businesses to stay ahead of the game with regards to Christmas orders.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, which provides hand pallet trucks, manual stacker trucks, lift tables and other equipment to businesses across the country, says, “The Christmas season is traditionally the busiest for many organisations, but they must ensure they are prepared for a surplus of orders and a flurry of sales this December, in light of these new predictions. Warehouses and distribution facilities must be prepared with enough handling equipment to pick, pack and transport goods around the premises and get them out for delivery or into stores quickly and effectively, or they risk not making the most of this potentially profitable Christmas.”

Hand pallet trucks such as the ones sourced and sold by Midland Pallet Trucks are the key to operations across the country for many businesses; without them, productivity would slow and less orders would be completed, bringing down profits and plunging a business into debt. Trucks and other examples of manual handling equipment are the lifeblood of many workforces, enabling employees to carry out their jobs to a high degree and ensure the business satisfies all orders in a timely manner.

These trucks are also a sound investment into the future of a business. The economic upturn in recent months means Britain is well on the road to recovery, and businesses should be free to grow and expand in the future rather than simply wondering how they will keep their heads above water. The durability of these specialist pallet trucks ensure that they will be around for many busy Christmas seasons to come.