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22 November 2021

In the hunt for new appliances or apparatus which can further the ambitions of a company, offers and discounts will, naturally, always be an issue. Acquiring top quality products for lower prices can be a savvy way to boost productivity and profits without upping expenditure to a dangerous level. In a situation where heavy goods are likely to be lifted and transported, it is especially important to make sure that the products aren’t compromising on quality in order to offer a low price. Pallet Truck Shop, supplier of a huge range of pallet trucks, has a superb range of special offers which can assist businesses of all budgets.

Some companies, in perhaps an office or retail environment, may feel that they need some assistance in transporting small cargos from one place to another. The Mini Mechanical Lifter Hand Pallet Truck from Pallet Truck Shop is perfect for the job and is currently listed in the Special Offer section. Able to safely carry up to 300kg of weight, this truck is perfect for carrying moderately light loads and folds in half for easy storage. This compact and basic mini pallet truck, fitted with tandem rollers which help to spread the load more efficiently and result in less strain for the operator, is available for just £99.00 (with the next size up in the range also subject to discount).

Streamlining working processes is a great way to boost productivity, and with a Weighing Scale Hand Pallet Truck, it can be done without breaking the bank. These trucks create space within a workplace by making static weighing machines redundant, and they also save plenty of time and the manpower necessary to transport goods to and from the static scales. This fantastic option from Pallet Truck Shop has a maximum capacity of 2000kg and the weighing display can be read from any angle without a backlight. The truck will function for 70 hours with just 4 standard AA batteries, and can produce weight estimates with a 0.1% margin for error, even on uneven floors. This truck is available for just £737.00, with extra deals for those purchasing more than one of these innovative units.

Fork extensions are also a great way to make the most of existing pallet trucks, for those companies who are well versed in purchasing and utilising these units. The 5” Fork Extensions from Pallet Truck Shop are fantastic when carrying one-off loads which are larger than usual, or can be used continuously as a way to make a pallet truck more adaptable. A pair of these rigid, hardwearing fork extensions is available for just £150.00.