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22 November 2021

A compensation case won by an injured worker has caught the attention of Pallet Truck Shop this week, and the manual handling experts wish to stress the importance of proper health and safety training when using hand pallet trucks.

A worker in Australia who became injured after riding a pallet truck like a scooter has received compensation, after winning an appeal on the matter. The truck driver rode the pallet jack, which weighed around 150kg, like a scooter around the warehouse. When a co-worker kicked the right-hand fork of the pallet truck, the claimant lost his footing and fell backwards, injuring his back in the process.

The case was initially thrown out on the grounds that the worker engaged in wilful misconduct – but now a judge has awarded the claimant full compensation after establishing that the worker had no idea he was breaking health and safety rules.

The situation emphasises the importance of health and safety training for all employees utilising machinery or equipment of this nature. Pallet Truck Shop is a renowned supplier of manual handling equipment to businesses all over the UK, and the experts there have strong feelings on this matter.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says, “The court in Australia awarded this worker compensation because of negligence on the part of the employer. The business in question didn’t provide the necessary health and safety training to their staff – and though many might think it’s common sense not to use a pallet truck as a scooter, businesses leave themselves open to cases like this when they don’t provide adequate support and training.”

He adds, “We’d like to emphasise to all UK businesses the importance of proper training for employees using our equipment. While no formal qualifications are required to operate pallet trucks and jacks, it’s crucial that all staff members undergo proper health and safety training, as well as other relevant courses like manual handling and lifting.”

The team at Pallet Truck Shop take their responsibilities as a supplier seriously, regularly updating their website with safety tips and the latest changes in legislation that may affect their clients. Though health and safety laws differ between Australia and the UK, the message is clear: appropriate health and safety training for employees doesn’t just help keep workers safe, it also protects businesses in the event of a claim like this.