Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
22 November 2021

Pallet Truck Shop, one of the country’s leading suppliers of manual handling equipment, is helping businesses all over the UK get the most from their storage facilities with a range of manual and semi-electric stacker trucks, designed to make lifting and storing heavy loads a breeze.

The Midlands firm, which boasts a 60,000 square foot distribution warehouse, is acknowledging the demand for this storage equipment in the run up to Christmas, when many warehouses, distribution centres and retail storage facilities will come under increasing pressure with high levels of stock passing through.

Phil Chesworth, of Pallet Truck Shop, part of the Midland Bearings Group, says, “Our fantastic array of manual and semi-electric stackers can be used in incredibly narrow spaces that other lifting equipment can’t squeeze into, allowing warehouses and other facilities to really make the most of their storage space. We also have models that can securely lift heavy loads up to three metres into the air, allowing businesses to stack their goods vertically, rather than taking up valuable floor space.”

He adds, “We also provide a great selection of other lifting and handling equipment, from hand pallet trucks to electric lift tables, all built to help businesses handle the increased workload without overworking employees or losing out on custom.”

The MS-02 Manual Stacker Truck is the perfect all-round performance apparatus that would suit any business, large or small. With a lifting capacity of 1000kg and a maximum height of 1.6m, this truck is ideal for small warehouses or storage units, where space is at a premium and no square foot can be overlooked. The truck has been precision engineered for very smooth operation when lifting, and its compact structure means it’s great for use in small areas.

The MS-04 Manual Stacker Truck is the next step up for businesses that need just a little extra height. Able to lift pallets, skids and dies to a maximum height of 3m, this truck is a must-have for expansive distribution centres, where goods may need to be picked or stored on incredibly high shelving units, in order to fit all of the stock in. Available for just £1,223.25 excluding VAT, the unit is robustly designed and manufactured to the highest standards, to ensure it’ll keep on serving businesses for many Christmases to come.