Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
22 November 2021

Pallet Truck Shop is the foremost provider of industrial lifting and handling solutions in the UK, and are pleased to confirm that they boast the largest range of pallet trucks and sack trucks in the country. The specialist suppliers of the equipment have been trading for many years and have accumulated the experience and the industry know-how to ensure they remain market leaders, and with previous clients including Manchester United, Ikea, British Home Stores and the NHS, it is fair to say that Pallet Truck Shop are the prime destination for all manual handling needs.

The variety of products available from the online retailer include everything from basic hand pallet trucks to more specialist electric options, with aerial work platforms, scissor lift trucks, moving skates and accessories in between. The Pallet Truck Shop website gives business managers and decision-makers a world of products at their fingertips and means that whatever the demands of their business, the pallet truck experts can meet it.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says, “It is our philosophy to offer our client base the biggest range of products we can, at the lowest prices. We don’t have a retail outlet, we function solely online and we store all of our products in a Midlands warehouse, which means the savings we make on the costly overheads associated with a retail outlet are passed on directly to our customers. Our range of products is also incredibly diverse, going from portable pallet trucks and accessories to the more robust stainless steel models and the durable manual stacker trucks.”

He adds, “We endeavour to ensure that any client who contacts us with a certain demand for their business will not leave without the thing they came for. Whether they need a lifting solution that can traverse rough terrain, or a work platform that allows for maintenance at height, we will find the answer to their equipment conundrum.”

The hardwearing nature and the versatility of the regular hand pallet truck is the foundation on which the online outlet is built on; thousands upon thousands of pallet trucks are used to transport goods in warehouses and distribution centres across the country every day – in fact, it would be fairly difficult to find an everyday product or item that hasn’t been moved using a pallet truck at some point during its creation or distribution. The other products that supplement the range help to build businesses and keep industries moving, with manual stackers, low terrain trucks, sack trucks and table trucks all fulfilling important roles in many organisations.

With their extensive collection of all of these products available for next-day delivery, Pallet Truck Shop have established themselves as the leading provider of UK pallet trucks, and their aim is to continue to expand and grow their range to match the needs of their client base.