Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
18 March 2024

With the growth of eCommerce not expected to slow down any time soon, the demands placed on warehouses are bigger than ever. Pallet Truck Shop, a leading provider of material handling equipment, urges logistics businesses to optimise their warehouse space for maximised efficiency. As consumer demand rebounds, streamlining warehouse processes becomes paramount for swift order fulfilment and a competitive edge.

In a warehouse, every square foot of floor space counts, and learning how to design a warehouse in a way that doesn’t leave any space unused may be more a challenge than most warehouse managers realise. To help out, Pallet Truck Shop offers 4 top tips:

  • Utilise vertical space with high-bay racking to increase storage capacity without adding more space. Also consider adjustable shelving to accommodating fluctuating inventory needs.
  • Map the current workflow, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Designate specific zones for receiving, picking, packing and shipping to minimise backtracking and ensure smooth product flow.
  • Categorise inventory based on demand (A – high, B – medium, C – low). Store high-demand (A) items in easily accessible locations near picking zones. Utilise bulk storage solutions like pallet racking for less frequently accessed (C) items.
  • Invest in material handling equipment tailored to your specific needs.  Regular and electric pallet trucks as well as weighing-scale trucks are all essential items that are ideal in warehouses of all sizes.

Pallet Truck Shop offers a comprehensive range of material handling equipment to empower businesses in creating a maximally efficient warehouse.  From manual and electric pallet trucks to stackers, order pickers, and weighing scale trucks, they provide solutions tailored to diverse needs.

“The recent rise in retail sales highlights the importance of a robust logistics infrastructure,” says Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop. “A well-designed warehouse layout, coupled with efficient material handling solutions, empowers businesses to meet heightened demand seamlessly. We hope that, by using our products, warehouse managers can feel more confident and trusting in their operations.”