Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
22 November 2021

As one of the country’s leading providers of industrial lifting and handling aids, Pallet Truck Shop is well aware of the challenges faced by thousands of businesses across the country when it comes to coordinating deliveries, maintaining stock levels and ensuring their equipment is in prime condition. That’s why the pallet truck providers are offering a flexible range of delivery options to suit the demands of any busy company, ensuring minimal disruption to daily working processes and giving customers total control over when they receive their order.

Pallet Truck Shop strive at all times to ensure the customers receive their equipment within four working days of placing the order, provided that the order is placed before midday. But there are also a range of much faster delivery services that empower the customer to take control of their deliveries – next day delivery is available in many cases, and many customers choose to opt for timed deliveries so that they can choose an interval that will cause the least disruption within the workplace.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says, “Our delivery services have been chosen to ensure total convenience for all of our clients. When standard delivery is chosen we strive to ensure the order is fulfilled as quickly as possible, but for the clients that need their delivery as a matter of urgency, we also offer a number of much faster delivery services for a small added fee. This gives the business total power over their deliveries, so that they can remain organised and minimise disruption to everyday working processes as much as possible.”

Pallet Truck Shop utilises a variety of couriers to get all orders from their Midlands warehouse to their destination. The couriers are chosen at the time of despatch to ensure that customers get the very best service possible – the team at the pallet truck providers make sure to choose the courier that offers the fastest delivery for a certain area, to ensure speedy transportation of these orders.

Those making orders from Pallet Truck Shop are also encouraged to read the information about delivery on the website. The heavy freight items that often make up the bulk of orders from Pallet Truck Shop require a forklift truck to unload, so it’s crucial that customers let the team know if they’re not in possession of one. Businesses that don’t own a forklift for the delivery will have their order delivered on a vehicle with a tail lift, allowing for easy unloading of the product without inflicting any damage on the new trucks.