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22 November 2021

Pallet Truck Shop is the leader in supplying UK businesses with a comprehensive range of pallet and sack truck machinery and accessories. While every product available on the site offers incredible value for money, Pallet Truck Shop are giving businesses a chance to secure an even better deal with its current range of special offers.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of the premium pallet truck supplier, says, “We endeavour to offer our clients the very best in affordable, high-quality products here at Pallet Truck Shop. Our selection of special offers have been chosen for their popularity and for the way they can streamline workflows in any working environment, and we have a range of special discounts on them for a limited time only, so that businesses can take advantage and invest in a piece of superb quality kit.”

At just £149.95 the PT-REG-22 Eoslift Hand Pallet Truck represents amazing value. Capable of supporting weights of up to 2500kg and a maximum fork height of 200mm, the model is a great option for any business looking for a versatile hand pallet truck that can go the distance. The machine is suitable for use with Euro Pallets and comes supplied with PU wheels as standard. The model is also fitted with an integral pump body and equipped with oil free self-lubricating bearings or injection nozzles on all major rotating points. This makes it low maintenance and highly resistant to any common mechanical problems. Crafted using a single step moulding process and robot welded fork and frames, the PT-REG-22 Eoslift Hand Pallet Truck is a sturdy, reliable and of the highest quality.

For superior quality weighing equipment look no further than the WB521-5000 5000kg Weigh Beams Scales. The scales are of premium Salter Brecknell quality with the power to make highly accurate measurements up to 5000kg using 0.5kg steps. Powered by an internal main rechargeable battery and using an IP65 rated stainless steel enclosed indicator, the machine works by connecting four metres of cable from the head unit to a singular weigh beam. A further four metres of cable then connects the two beams, allowing small or large items to be accurately weighed.

Additional features include stainless steel wall mounting brackets for the head, clear one inch high display digits and 200% static overload capacity. The simple composition of the WB521-5000 5000kg Weigh Beams Scales makes them incredibly easy to use and can be set up and functioning in just minutes! At just £695 they are an indispensable piece of equipment for any business weighing items on a regular basis.

The final Pallet Truck Shop product on offer is the SCA-01 PALLET U-SCALE 2000KG’S. This model has a total capacity of 2000kg and impressive high weight accuracy capable of calculating 0.03% variations in the load. The superior design means that this level of accuracy is maintained even in poor floor conditions or when a load is placed off centre. The machine features two power supply options and is fitted with an auto power off function that can be programmable from one to 255 minutes or dis-inserted completely. This gives it a notably longer working time, ideal for businesses that need to operate as efficiently as possible.

Other great features include a water resistant keyboard as well as a 1RS232/TTL configurable input/output for connection to PC/PLC or weight repeater and 1RS232 input/output for connection to printer. On special offer for just £669.80, the SCA-01 PALLET U-SCALE 2000KG’S is essential for businesses demanding the highest possible levels of accuracy.