Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
22 November 2021

Pallet Truck Shop is one of the UK’s premier suppliers of hand pallet trucks, and have become renowned in the industry for their high-quality trucks and manual handling equipment. What many people don’t know is that Pallet Truck Shop also provide all the accessories needed to ensure that pallet trucks run smoothly for the entirety of their life span, including the all-important wheels, which will take it from A to B efficiently.

When it comes to choosing a new pallet truck, many business owners overlook the important issue of choosing the appropriate wheel. Phil Chesworth, of Pallet Truck Shop, is a strong advocate of ensuring that the right wheels are chosen for the right job. He says, “With the choice between polyurethane (PU) and nylon wheels, many businesses simply assume that they can choose the cheapest, or the best value, and not have to worry about the suitability of the wheels for the job they’ve been purchased for.”

He adds, “The wrong wheels can lead to accidents or injuries in the workplace, and could be a potential nuisance for customers or other workers attempting to do business with the organisation. PU and nylon wheels have two very different sets of capabilities, and it’s important that those purchasing new equipment understand the advantages and disadvantages of choosing both.”

If the customer is approaching Pallet Truck Shop from a customer-facing business such as a supermarket or a retail outlet, the recommendation will always be for polyurethane wheels. They are silent and smooth in their operation, and they do not cause noise pollution in areas where there might be customers. Employees can stack shelves or restock shop floors quietly, without disturbing customers that might be browsing shelves. It’s important to keep up appearances in these customer-facing situations, and silently gliding trucks are the way to achieve this.

By stark contrast, nylon wheels are perfect for use behind the scenes. They have been constructed specifically to withstand anything that a rough-and-tumble industrial workplace has to throw at them, ensuring high-quality performance in the toughest of conditions. In busy factories, where debris often litters the ground – some of it sharp and potentially ruinous for other wheels – nylon wheels can glide on through. Their slightly louder operation is nothing to worry about in areas where heavy machinery is often use, and employees, rather than consumers, amass. Nylon wheels are more durable and robust, built to excel in storage facilities, stock rooms, manufacturing facilities and other industrial environments.

In choosing the right wheels for their workplace, businesses are helping to keep consumers happy, keep their employees safe, and keep their equipment in the very best condition.