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16 November 2021

One of the country’s leading suppliers of manual handling and warehouse equipment to a plethora of sectors, has urged the industry to invest in warehouses as the reality of the country leaving the European Union becomes a reality.

Despite the referendum sealing the country’s fate, many thought the UK would stay in the EU. However the triggering of Article 50 a few weeks ago brought home the realisation that the UK may have to fend for itself sooner rather than later. And leaving infrastructure investment until the last minute could have dire consequences for the country as a whole, says the materials handling experts.

The UK has been experiencing an increasingly short supply of warehousing space. A significant worry for the British supply chain, the warehouse shortage is in part due to an increase in demand from ecommerce retailers, as well as a gradual rise in UK manufacturing.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Midland Pallet Trucks, said, “It’s been well documented that we’ve been experiencing a shortfall when it comes to warehouse space. However the good news is that the shortage appears to be easing slightly due to a bit of investment in infrastructure, but the momentum needs to gain pace if we are to be prepared when we leave the EU in two years’ time.”

Depending on how negotiations go, the UK could have to rely on its own export. And although the country does have sectors to rely on, this is all dependent on having storage facilities and areas for products to be manufactured.

Speculative development has reduced by 75 percent over the last decade. Having to compete with housing developments for space during the housing shortage, the somewhat chronic shortage left many companies taking their business elsewhere in Europe.

“Businesses moving to Europe is not too much of an issue now, but once we leave the EU, this could be devastating for us as a fully-independent country,” added Phil.