Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
22 November 2021

The manufacturing industry surprised analysts this month with a 0.1% increase, rather than the predicted 0.1% decrease in output – lending credence to the idea that the UK’s manufacturing sector may be entering a period of growth. Now Pallet Truck Shop, a leading supplier of manual handling equipment, is urging further investment from business owners in the sector, to ensure they’re fully equipped to deal with any more business booms that might just surprise analysts.

Pallet Truck Shop is one of the UK’s leading providers of lifting and handling solutions, with an array of pallet trucks, lift tables, manual stackers and other important pieces of equipment which keep factories and manufacturing plants running smoothly. Their Midlands warehouse is perfectly placed to ship trucks and equipment all over the country promptly, and their competitive prices make the online shop ideal for those running a business on a tight budget.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says, “The unexpected growth, however small, is an indication that businesses in manufacturing could experience a boom period at any time. Even the analysts are unsure of whether demand will increase or decrease over the coming months – so we’re urging all businesses to be prepared with a fleet of well-maintained, fully-functional, multi-tasking trucks, tables and stackers.”

The range at Pallet Truck Shops includes a selection of lift tables which are especially useful in manufacturing applications. These devices are able to raise large, heavy loads to an appropriate height for operators to work on them making them perfect for use in factories. The tables can have equipment like conveyors, barriers and turn-tables added to their deck plates, and they’re a great way to keep operator injuries to a minimum, by reducing strain and making it easier for them to reach objects. The range of lift tables at Pallet Truck Shop starts at £204.75 plus VAT, representing a great bargain for those who need to bolster their fleet.

Manual stackers also go a long way to improving productivity and potentially handling larger volumes of goods in the workplace. These trucks allow operators to lift and store heavy loads at height – so they’re ideal in warehouses, or environments where large orders need to be stored away efficiently. A basic heavy-duty manual stacker from Pallet Truck Shop starts at just £732.90 plus VAT, with other models also available.