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22 November 2021

It is often said that the most effective and useful tools in the workplace are the ones which are taken for granted. It can also be said that pallet trucks fall into this category; they pass under the radar the majority of the time but can undoubtedly be considered as one of the pieces of apparatus that really makes a workplace tick. They are vital to the everyday mechanism of working life, helping to ease the physical strain of work for employees and to boost productivity and profit for the business. Pallet Truck Shop is one of the UK’s largest importers and stockists of all types of pallet truck, boasting the widest and most varied range in the country. These crucial pieces of equipment come in all shapes and sizes, with varying capacities and specialist abilities; Pallet Truck Shop carries the most extensive selection and can be relied upon for all pallet truck and sack truck needs.

The most basic truck of all is the trusty hand pallet truck. These top quality hydraulic pump trucks are fantastic for simply lifting and transporting heavy cargo which would take a long time move by hand; a simple process which is often overlooked as it has become so easy, but is nevertheless vital. They are versatile and strong, with a multitude of uses and a very long lifespan. The PT-REG-08 Heavy Duty Pallet Truck from Pallet Truck Shop has a slow lowering hand control to avoid accidents, as well as fingertip control for ultimate power over this equipment for the operator. Compatible with both open and closed bottom pallets, this durable unit is a must for any workplace.

A pallet truck with a little extra length in the forks can also go a long way; the PT-EL-09 Extra Long Hand Pallet Truck combines the features of a standard pallet truck with the added advantage of longer forks, meaning it can lift potentially more cumbersome or difficult loads. Tandem rollers are fitted to the truck, to ensure the weight of the load is spread evenly and to ensure less strain for the operator when moving the cargo. This little addition, whilst often unnoticed, can go a long way to boosting the productivity of a workforce.

Sack trucks are another commonplace staple in the workplace which can often be taken for granted. Their multitude of uses and the everyday reliability they bring ensures them a spot in practically every workplace. The Sack Truck with Folding Footplate from Pallet Truck Shop is one of the simplest tools around and yet will always be considered one of the most practical, due to its ease of use and heavy-duty construction.