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16 November 2021

Wood is the traditional material of choice for pallets, but will they stick around? Plastic pallets have become more prominent and useful in today’s transportation world. And despite around 90 percent of shippers still preferring the old-fashioned, wooden pallets[1], there is an argument for a shift towards plastic pallets. So which is for best for business? Well materials handling experts, Pallet Truck Shop, has urged companies to look past cost, and look at the bigger picture.

Wood pallets are the go-to choice for established businesses. With a low cost per unit, easy repair options, eco-friendly nature, and robust strength, there’s no wonder they’re a popular choice. However wood pallets do come with their downsides. Wood is a porous surface that is also more susceptible to unwanted critters and fungus. There’s also the safety hazards to consider, from things such as loose or rusted nails and splinters. And it is for this reason that plastic pallets have become a viable option.

Despite plastic pallets being around three times more expensive than wood pallets, they do boast several benefits. Plastic pallets are durable from things such as water, and as such, often last longer than wood pallets. They are also incredibly lightweight when compared to wood pallets, so can result in reduced shipping costs. Add to that their smooth material being safer to handle and increasing recyclability, and plastic pallets don’t look like a bad option. But as they can’t be fixed should they become broken, and of course their less robust nature when it comes to weight, it’s easy to see why many businesses have stuck with natural wood.

Speaking about the difference, Pallet Truck Shop Managing Direct, Phil Chesworth, said, “The choice really is up to each individual business. Obviously some companies are better suited to plastic pallets, while others suit traditional wood ones better, but it must be this that is the main focus, and not money when it comes to choosing between the two.”