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22 November 2021

Pallet Truck Shop, one of the UK’s premier providers of pallet trucks for industrial and commercial purposes, is issuing a rallying call for all businesses to get prepared for the start of a new year. A fresh start for many often means resolutions for businesses, and whether it’s to expand the workforce to take on more orders, or streamline working processes across the entire company, investing in a high-quality pallet truck from Pallet Truck Shop can help to fulfil many of the goals and aims set for 2014.

Phil Chesworth. Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says, “Making resolutions is one of the great traditions of the new year, and it is not just for individuals; businesses often have aims and targets that they want to meet in a calendar year, and they must set overarching resolutions in order to achieve these goals. Investment in new equipment such as pallet trucks or other manual handling equipment can help dramatically in the fight to reach a target, whether it is increasing the productivity of employees or increasing how energy-efficient the workplace is. Pallet trucks are versatile enough to help with any form of resolution that a business sets.”

Increasing a fleet of pallet trucks within a business can have a number of beneficial effects. Firstly, it allows staff to be more productive; no longer do they have to wait until a pallet truck becomes available before they can take an order to a loading bay, or receive a delivery. Having a fleet of pallet trucks with different capabilities allows employees to opt for the truck that will best fit the task they are about to carry out. Rather than struggling painstakingly down a narrow aisle with a fully loaded pallet truck, traverse trucks allow them to switch the direction they are wheeling the truck and move it easily through narrow spaces. Uneven and gritty delivery bays can be easily navigated with a rough terrain pallet truck; a worthwhile addition to the fleet which will make many jobs a lot easier and take many businesses closer to fulfilling their resolutions.

Having a number of pallet trucks with higher capacities can also speed up working processes and increase how productive a workforce can be. If a warehouse had a collection of pallet trucks which boasted 1000kg capacity, adding a few 2000kg capacity trucks to the fleet would increase the amount of work that could be done and decrease the number of return journeys to delivery bays and storage areas because the truck would be able to carry more goods. For the businesses that have chosen to aim for increased efficiency in their workplace, this is the solution that will help achieve that all-important resolution.