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MID-EPT20A Fully Electric Pallet Truck – Heavy Duty 2000kg Version

Capacity:, 2000kg
Minimum Fork Height: 82mm +/-2mm
Maximum Fork Height: 197mm +/-2mm
Width of Fork: 16mm
Overall Fork Width: 550mm
Fork Length: 1150mm
Suitable for most Euro Type Pallets (80x120cm)

A new streamline and highly efficient fully electric pallet truck, with a 2000kg capacity

We also so protective wheel covers and additional spare batteries.

2000kg / 550×1150


Please note this machine is not IP rated against direct contact with water. It is designed to be used in a warehouse environment and should not be stored or operated in damp or wet conditions, as this will void the warranty.

£995.00 ex. VAT
ex. VAT £895.00
incl. VAT £1,074.00

Shipping costs

  • England & Wales: £85.00
  • Industrial Scotland: £125.00
  • Scottish Highlands: £150.00
  • Warehouse Pickup: Free