Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
22 November 2021

Pallet Truck Shop is one of the best online shops to purchase pallet trucks. Many UK companies use Pallet Truck Shop such as Carlsberg, Lotus, Manchester United, and British Airlines among others.

Pallet trucks make heavy loads easier to handle, and pallet trucks come in a variety of different types. Regular pallet trucks have hydraulic pumps which provide excellent control. Low profile pallet trucks have a low ground clearance to make it possible to pick up low clearance containers, and pallets. Rough terrain pallet trucks are exactly as the name suggests, they allow loads to be taken over unconventional terrain such as dirt. Great for construction crews!

Galvanized and stainless pallet trucks over enhanced durability perfect for companies who use them every day. Scissor lifts allow loads to be lifted to a certain height, and give companies flexibility with their storage options. Weighing scales are the most expensive items, but within reason as they weigh loads giving you piece of mind.

Finally, Pallet Truck Shop also has extra long and mini pallet trucks. Mini pallet trucks are useful for smaller companies who occasionally need a pallet truck for smaller loads.

Pallet Truck Shop offers all of these types of pallet trucks second hand when available. This guarantees that you will get the most amount of product for your money. Pallet Truck Shop ships nationally across the United Kingdom. Pallet Truck Shop also offers a limited warranty on all items, including pallet trucks, giving you additional piece of mind.

In addition to pallet trucks, Pallet Truck Shop also has a variety of stackers, moving skates, table trucks, sack trucks, forklift extensions, and various accessories.

Overall, Pallet Truck Shop’s money back guarantee, warranty, and shipping policies make it your one stop shop for brand new, and second hand pallet trucks, and accessories.