Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
22 November 2021

Pallet Truck Shop, one of the UK’s foremost purveyors of materials handling equipment, is encouraging businesses to conduct a full audit of their pallet truck fleets on returning to the workplace in 2016, to ensure they get the New Year off to the best possible start. From improving productivity to spotting maintenance issues before they progress, these audits can have a positive effect on the workplace, and help ensure everyone’s prepared to make 2016 the most successful year yet.


Pallet Truck Shop is a Midlands-based provider of pallet trucks and has been offering advice and tips on optimising their use in the workplace for many years. The team understand how important it is to regularly inspect and perform maintenance on these trucks – and they suggest that the beginning of a New Year is the perfect time to conduct a thorough check-up.


Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says, “Of course, here at Pallet Truck Shop, we are strong advocates of regular maintenance checks and inspections – but we also recommend that businesses audit their trucks at the beginning of the year, so that they can address any problems before they escalate, and so they know whether they need to make any changes to the fleet for the coming year.”


He adds, “We’d urge all businesses to conduct a complete check of all their equipment after the festive break, to ensure that no issues have arisen over the holiday and to help boost productivity when the staff return to the workplace.”


This New Year check should be a little more thorough than the daily checks that are often carried out on this type of equipment. As well as checking the brakes, the wheels, control handles and any other accessories, operators should be monitoring oil levels, testing the lift mechanisms and ensuring that none of the components are showing signs of wear and tear. If managers can address these problems before employees return to the workplace, they can get 2016 off to the most productive start possible.


Pallet Truck Shop has a multitude of safety information on its website, with plenty of articles and tips for those planning to make repairs and maintenance their priority in the first week back. The site also has a plethora of spare parts, from wheels and brake pads to handles and seal kits – so should there be any issues with a pallet truck, businesses can order in spares immediately to rectify the problem.