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22 November 2021

Lifting and carrying extremely heavy loads day in, day out, year after year can cause injuries to even the strongest person. That’s why most people in jobs that require heavy lifting use pallet trucks, sack trolleys and other such devices. But even the most robust pallet truck comes under similar stresses and may need parts replacing from time to time. Pallet Truck Shop provides all the spare parts and accessories that anyone using their extensive range of trucks, trolleys and stackers may need.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Direct of Pallet Truck Shop, one of the country’s leading suppliers of pallet trucks and other manual handling equipment, says, “In our range of pallet and sack trucks are some of the most robust and durable machines currently on the market. That said, even we know that from time to time a wheel may need changing or a handle may need replacing. We recommend that our customers keep stocked up on spares and accessories so that they are prepared in case the worst happens and a vital piece of equipment breaks down when it is needed most.”

Due to the nature of the purpose the were designed for, pallet trucks and other such devices are constantly being put under enormous strains while being used to lift and transport weights of up to 3000kg, often in the harsh environments of warehouses or construction sites. Like any mechanical equipment, certain parts may need replacing after extended period of use. Pallet Truck Shop stocks a huge range of wheels, bearings and handles so that in the unfortunate event that a part does need changing, their customers can always be prepared. It’s always better to change a wheel or a bearing when it is beginning to show early signs of wear and tear than to wait for it to fall off completely.

Although it is recommended that businesses which use pallet and sack trucks in their day-to-day operations keep a stock of pallet truck accessories just in case, they needn’t worry if they are caught short; 99% of the spare parts that Pallet Truck Shop stock can be delivered next day if they are needed in a hurry. Standard delivery is just 2-3 days if the parts are just needed for routine maintenance or backup purposes.

Sometimes it may also be useful to keep a range of accessories in stock not just in case of a breakdown but simply to modify the pallet or sack truck in question depending on its purpose. Operators may find that a rubber steer wheel works better on certain surfaces than a polyurethane one and vice versa, in which case the two can easily be changed. It is obviously more economically viable to change a few small parts than to purchase a whole new pallet truck.