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  • Invest in Robust, Reliable Manual Stackers with Pallet Truck Shop

    Businesses should invest in the future of their operations with a robust and reliable manual stacker truck.

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  • Increase Safety Vigilance at Christmas With New Equipment Including Pallet Trucks

    Businesses can take extra precautions against accidents in the workplace this Christmas by investing in a fleet of pallet trucks which have high-quality safety features.

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  • Pallet Truck Shop Adds Lightweight Pallet Truck To Line

    This week sees Pallet Truck Shop, one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of pallet trucks and lifting aids, launch their new lightweight pallet truck, the i-ton 1000.

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  • Pallets Move The World

    Pallets move the world,” proclaims Mark White, a professor at Virginia Tech University and a director of the school’s associated pallet and container research laboratory.

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  • Ongoing Health and Safety Education For Pallet Truck, Fork Lift and Other Materials Handling Operatives Vital

    As part of a nationwide scheme to expand on training relating to health and safety in quarries, workers who operate fork lift trucks or other machinery are being encouraged to brush up on their training and be alert to the dangers of visibility issues. .

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  • Pallet Trucks Are Simple Yet Effective

    It is often said that the most effective and useful tools in the workplace are the ones which are taken for granted. It can also be said that pallet trucks fall into this category

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  • Pallet Truck Shop Counts Down Best Offers

    Browse our best current offers from around the store in one location.

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  • A Pallet Truck Can Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Learn how A Pallet Truck Can Help Reduce Carbon Footprint with this interesting news piece by our team

  • What Size of Hand Pallet Truck Suits Your Needs

    If you're unsure which size of hand pump truck you need, read through our guide explaining the difference between different pallet sizes and the corresponding truck features to look out for.

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