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7 August 2023

In response to the recent research published by Prologis UK, shedding light on the thriving logistics sector within the UK and its substantial contribution to the economy, Pallet Trucks Shop, a leading provider of high-quality pallet trucks and material handling equipment, highlights its commitment to empowering the industry and supporting its continued growth.

The report, titled “Critical Infrastructure: Driving Employment Growth within the UK’s Logistics Sector,” provides a comprehensive analysis of the logistics sector’s economic significance, revealing that it employs over 2 million people, constituting approximately 7% of the total UK workforce, and generates an impressive estimated economic value of £139 billion.

While the logistics sector boasts a rich tapestry of diversity, enhanced benefits, and promising career paths, the research points out an intriguing paradox. A mere 7% of young adults currently consider a career within the sector, despite it being a source of above-average earnings and strong opportunities for career progression. Remarkably, two-thirds of logistics workers express genuine satisfaction with their roles, highlighting the fulfilment the industry offers.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop, says “In a time when perceptions of logistics roles have experienced fluctuations, we recognise the necessity for dispelling misconceptions and fostering a greater understanding of the sector’s vibrancy. With the sector’s workforce increasingly regarding their jobs as long-term career choices, we are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable material handling solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and job satisfaction for all logistics professionals”.

As the logistics industry continues to expand its footprint within the UK economy, Pallet Trucks Shop remains committed to supporting this growth, providing companies in the logistics sector with a range of high-quality material handling equipment, including electric pallet trucksheavy-duty pallet trucks, and weighing scales.