Pallet Truck Shop Pallet Truck Shop
12 September 2022

Despite much of the setbacks during the pandemic and Brexit cooling off in recent months, warehouses across the country are still struggling to fulfil the staggeringly large backlog of orders. To help warehouses ensure timely and error-free deliveries, Pallet Truck Shop is proud to introduce a new range of high-performance, durable table trucks and lift tables.

The new range, which features 6 new products that will be added to the brand’s already comprehensive range of trusted manual handling equipment, comes at a time when warehouses are already feeling the pressure of mounting online orders, and the setbacks faced by postal workers strikes.

Pallet Truck Shop hopes that its new range offers workable solutions to warehouse managers that are trying to optimise their operations and streamline processes within the workplace. As the manual handling equipment experts suggest, a fleet of fit-for-purpose equipment is one of the easiest ways warehouses can ensure year-round efficiency.

The range, which includes three 1-metre lift tables that are fit to carry weights of 1000kg, 1500kg, and 2000kg, along with a 500kg 2-metre table truck, and two scissor lift table trucks that can carry weights of 1000kg and 1500kg are all made to Pallet Truck Shop’s high standards, making them guaranteed to be a reliable piece of equipment for use in the warehouse.

“The stresses that come with being a warehouse manager seem to be mounting every day, which is why we’re so passionate about introducing new pieces of equipment that can make our daily lives that little bit easier. Our new range of lift tables will be a great addition to the warehouse that will make it easy to manoeuvre items around and keep workers productive. We hope that this new range will provide some relief to busy managers who are working on optimising their processes,” comments Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop.