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16 November 2021

Orders in factories across Britain are currently at their highest level since 1988. Business is booming, restoring faith post-Brexit and creating more work for the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Pallet Truck Shop, one of the country’s leading suppliers of manual handling and warehouse equipment to a host of different sectors is welcoming the growth, which follows on from years of weak global demand and a surging exchange rate. 

With the value of the pound dropping and global growth improving, both total and order export books have seen sharp increases in demand – a robust situation which was reflected in the Confederation of Business Industry’s monthly health check.

While the EU Referendum has been responsible for driving the value of the pound down, which has in turn led to higher sales in export order books, the chemicals, transport and electronics sectors have helped bolster growth in external demand.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop said, “It’s fantastic to see that things are improving for the manufacturing industry following years of downturn. The recession left many people without jobs and the industry as a whole struggling to make ends meet. While some companies are still facing price pressure, these are not half as pronounced as they once were and there is plenty to be optimistic about.”

The growth of the manufacturing industry is promising and is expected to continue, but that doesn’t mean that companies should become complacent, with the potential for things to change still prominent.

Post-Brexit uncertainty means investment is being held back in certain areas and cost pressures are still present.

Phil adds, “It’s easy for companies and sectors to rest on their laurels as soon as things begin to pick up, but it’s crucial that this doesn’t happen in this instance. Yes, orders are increasing for the manufacturing industry, but now is the time to push forward and add to that. The impending doom of the tariffs that may be imposed on trading once Brexit has been finalized must not slow the industry down.”

Those firms seeing a boom in orders will want to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible to really make the most of the surge in demand. Pallet Truck Shop’s fleet of pallet trucks, especially its heavy duty pallet trucksweighing scale pallet trucks and other materials handling equipment are invaluable when it comes to keeping shipments rolling out the door.